Star Alliance Group has been focusing on international trade and energy investment for 20 years, expanding its business to the United States, Israel, India, Vietnam, 

and the United Arab Emirates,Middle East, Africa, Europe, and other regions.The group specializes in fields such as new energy vehicles, international logistics,  optical

 storage and charging, communication,IT system integration, cultural media, and chemical engineering.





New energy vehicles


From introduction to going global, China's automotive industry is undergoing significant changes. After years of stagnant export volume, China's vehicle exports have suddenly shown a surge since 2021, surpassing South Korea and rising to third place globally last year. If the momentum of the first quarter of this year can still be maintained after the epidemic, China's vehicle exports may even surpass Germany this year. We may soon witness a historic scene in the Chinese automotive industry, where 'apprentices surpass masters'.

Chemical Industry - International Trade


In the total world trade volume, chemical trade is the second largest trade field after

 automobile trade. In 1998, the total import and export volume of world chemical

 industry reached 999 billion US dollars. The European Union, the United States, and

 Japan are the three major hegemons in world chemical trade. In recent years, the

 growth rate of chemical exports from the United States and the European Union has

 slowed down, with some even experiencing negative growth, while the growth rate

 of imports is accelerating. This is mainly because some traditional chemical

 companies have shifted their attention to new fields such as life sciences.

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  • Looking at China's Foreign Trade Resilience through the "Transcr


    On the 7th, the General Administration of Customs released the "transcript" of China's foreign trade for the first 10 months: the total import and export value was 34.62 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.5%. From a cumulative perspective, denominated in RMB, the import growth
  • RMB internationalization ushers in new opportunities


    The 2022 Financial Street Forum Annual Meeting being held in Beijing is releasing important signals from the Chinese financial industry to the outside world. In the parallel forum "Global Markets and Financial Development" on the 22nd, multiple well-known domestic and foreign guests jointl
  • The growth of new energy vehicle exports drives the development


    According to the economic operation data of the third quarter of 2022 in China, sales of new energy vehicles have shown a rapid upward trend since the beginning of this year. According to the Automobile Distribution Association, in the first three quarters, the retail sales of new energy passenger v

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