New energy vehicles


From introduction to going global, China's automotive industry is undergoing significant changes. After years of stagnant export volume, China's vehicle exports have suddenly shown a surge since 2021, surpassing South Korea and rising to third place globally last year. If the momentum of the first quarter of this year can still be maintained after the epidemic, China's vehicle exports may even surpass Germany this year.

We may soon witness a historic scene in the Chinese automotive industry, where 'apprentices surpass masters'.

Chemical Industry International Trade

In the total world trade volume, chemical trade is the second largest trade field after automobile trade. In 1998, the total import and export volume of global chemical industry reached 999 billion US dollars. The European Union, the United States, and Japan are the three major hegemons in world chemical trade. In recent years, the growth rate of chemical exports from the United States and the European Union has slowed down, with some even experiencing negative growth, while the growth rate of imports is accelerating. This is mainly because some traditional chemical companies have shifted their attention to new fields such as life sciences。

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